Online tools for quick prototyping

All tools mentioned in this post are free at the time it’s been written

  1. – very simple and nice tool for web-pages prototyping.
    Idea: Select an area and choose which type of the object it will be.
  2. – tool with a little more sophisticated interface and therefore has more functionality.
    Idea: Make a composition from many proposed samples (eg. switchers, diagrams, buttons, combos, radio buttons, keyboards) or create your own using simple shapes
  3. – has a bunch stencils for creation of a different type diagrams, UIs and schemes
  4. – has a lot of common with Cacoo but has more kind of elements for interface prototyping. However Lumzy is clumzy, you need to be familiar with it to quickly find something you need. Catalog of the components has pure design and organization.
  5. – this one doesn’t fit current topic as it’s designed for iPhones’ UI wireframing only but I really like it. It’s so simple and of course pencil style is fantastic. Too bad I didn’t find something like that for multi-platform interfaces.