Notes from JDD 2017

Documentation, it is alive!

Tools to keep documentation up to date without putting too much effort:

Readme templates/suggestions:

Consumer Driven Contracts (CDC)

Performance testing

  • Run performance tests at least once and save the results
  • Run stability tests at least once
  • Don’t forget to run them on environment similar to production
  • This isn’t as much of time consuming as many think


Package by feature (OOD approach)

  • Create mid-size building blocks using packages and package-scope
  • Those packages are your modules, this is your architecture
  • public = published interface
  • Remove public from all your IDE templates
  • Test modules as black boxes via interactions with it and other modules (no internal state verification)
  • Write acceptance tests as unit tests (bloody fast and easy)
  • Write integration tests to check wiring, I/O, configuration, positive flow (again)
  • It’s actually simpler than not doing it
  • Make building blocks that people can understand and use easily


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